Media services:

Internet Services:

Please - no food in Mystic Mail, but drinks are fine - we provide free bottled water for our customers!

No small children in the workspace tents.

 Mystic Mail charges by the minute for internet access, the more you use, the cheaper it is.

If you need only an hour or two, we suggest Pay As You Go - it's just 25 cents per minute.  If you need more time, then we suggest a pre-paid card.. The prepaid cards start at $30 for 120 minutes, and go up to $360 for 40 hours (Yes - people telecommute from Pennsic!)

  • Buying time as you go is more expensive, and starts at $4 for 10 minutes, though the price drops to 30 cents per minute once you reach 30 minutes.

Mystic Mail gives you two minutes free with your time purchase to get settled into your session.

  • Printing: 25 cents per page for regular printing, and $1.00 per page for heavy ink or color pages. Print more than 100 pages, and the price drops to 15 cents per page.

  • Faxing: $5 for the first page, $1 for each additional page, incoming or outgoing.

  • CD burning: $10 per CD, we can do it for you or you can buy time on one of our  computers.

  • Battery charging: $3 per device.